Mechatronics: Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences

Master of Science in Mechatronics
Mechatronics: Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences, Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Voos, Postfach 12 61, Weingarten, 88241, Germany
Mechanical Engineering
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The first Monday in October
3 semester
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April 15 (online), see
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Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Science, M.Sc. in Mechatronics Office, Postfach 1261, 88241 Weingarten

Scholarship and Grants



In the first semester (MM1) the students' curriculum varies according to their first degree. The main purpose of semester MM1 is to balance out differences in skills and knowledge resulting from their previous programmes. It also aims to prepare the students for the international scientific project in MM2.

The second semester (MM2) covers specific Mechatronics-related subjects such as Robotics, Microsystems and Materials as well as laboratory training. Additionally, the students have to perform a scientific project in an international team. This project aims to deepen the students' theoretical knowledge and to enhance their ability to put theory into practice. Carried out in international teams, the project also furthers intercultural skills which are considered to be an essential aspect of the programme as a whole.

The third semester (MM3) is mainly dedicated to the Master's thesis. Due to the international orientation of the programme, the thesis may not be completed in the student's home country. It has to be written in English and presented publicly at the University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten.

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