Plant Sciences: University of Vienna

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Master of Science
Plant Sciences: University of Vienna, 1090 Vienna, Althanstrasse 14 (UZA II), Vienna, Austria
4 semesters
+43-1-4277-501 01
+43-1-4277-9 501


The aim:

  • a comprehensive scientific training in the plant sciences with specialization in one or more of the subjects: evolution, systematics and biogeography; reproductive, developmental and structural biology, molecular Pflanzenbiolgie and physiology;
  • the ability, and fachrelevante treated fachnahe questions about and discuss problems to detect analaysieren and their solutions mizuarbeiten and amounts to socially relevant issues should be applied;

Professional fields:

  • Teaching and / or research work at universities, museums, federal institutes, technical colleges and postgraduate education;
  • Supervision of biological collections (including botanical gardens);
  • basic and applied research (including product development, production and quality control) in some areas of classical plant breeding and genetic engineering and biotechnology, in the medical and pharmaceutical research and in the agricultural and environmental research in the public, private and industrial sectors;
  • molecular analysis, medical diagnostics and the environment (industry, hospitals, private companies);
  • Science and laboratory management organization;
  • Advisory and coordinating activities for public and private institutions (inter) national level;
  • Science journalism, literature and editorial activities;
  • öffentlichkeitsbezogene presentation (exhibitions, multimedia, biotechnology and eco-events "....);
  • Research Administration, ministries, parliaments, universities and companies and organisations in the promotion of research, planning and assessment;
  • Risk assessment and research ( "risk assessment"), such as genetic engineering and Infection Biology;

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